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September 2007 Kukai

Dear Haiku Friends,

Here are the results for the September 2007 Kukai, wherein our Kigo subject was "MORNING GLORIES" and our Free Format word was "RAINBOW".

Congratulations to Laurene, winner of our Kigo section; and to Laura Orabone AND Carole MacRury, winners of our Free Format section!

The haiku are listed in order of total points received from voters. The numbers reflect the number of voters who gave the haiku either three points, two points, or one point -- followed by the total points for all votes.

Those who were given less than three points and who requested anonymity in such a case are so noted.

In the listing below, after each poem the author is listed, and then a three digit code revealing how many 3-point, 2-point, and 1-point points were cast for this poem by the other participating poets.

(214 = 12) would indicate that the poem above received two 3-point votes, one 2-point vote, and four 1-point votes.

September 2007 Results
Kigo Theme:
Morning Glories
Free Format Theme:

First Place -- 28 points
new neighbors —
blue morning glories
in the weed pile

(1,5,15) = 28 pts

An effective, simple way to show how people differ.

First impressions. And, if I think of the morning glories as the neighbors, what's the weed pile?

Second Place -- 26 points
summer's end
the morning glories
enter the mailbox

(1,6,11) = 26 pts

Third Place -- 24 points
morning glories
in the chain link fence
an inmate's finger

Josh Wikoff
(0,5,14) = 24 pts

Unusual image and it conveys the isolation nicely.

Fourth Place -- 17 points
leaning together
beside her grave
morning glories

Neil Muscott
(2,2,7) = 17 pts

monastery ruins
an old trellis supports
morning glories

tom painting
(1,4,6) = 17 pts

The things that last . . .

I liked this poem’s richness of texture. On one level, the phrases “monastery ruins” and “old trellis” evoke a sense of rustic beauty. On another level, the contrast of a monastery’s weighty stonework against the light frame of a trellis makes the image of trellis and morning glories seem all the more delicate. On a deeper level, the old trellis supporting morning glories can be seen as a metaphor for how a monastery supports spiritual growth. On yet another level, the poem speaks of how something old and abandoned, such as an ancient ruins, can still support life and still have aesthetic value for those sensitive and poetic enough to see it.

Reymond B.

Fifth Place -- 14 points
hunting cabin —
morning glories cover
the outhouse

-- LGD
(0,4,6) = 14 pts

A bow to Basho's contrast of high and low.

Sixth Place -- 12 points
morning glories
closed tightly
against the night

Beth Powell
(0,5,2) = 12 pts

wind tunnel . . .
a hummingbird fans
the morning glory

Kala Ramesh
(0,3,6) = 12 pts

wild morning glory
binds a thistle
to a thistle

Mark Hollingsworth
(0,2,8) = 12 pts

Seventh Place -- 11 points
morning glories
continue to climb
toward the full moon

Harvey Jenkins
(1,0,8) = 11 pts

again I survive
dying in a dream . . .
morning glories

Collin Barber
(0,3,5) = 11 pts

Eighth Place -- 10 points
the last guest —
morning glories fading
to almost white

Cherie Hunter Day
(1,2,3) = 10 pts

Ninth Place -- 9 points
the old wall —
hiding its holes
morning glory

(0,2,5) = 9 pts

I know how the old wall feels, and I envy the quality of its cover. The dash at the end of line 1 could be dispensed with.

garden wedding —
morning glories trumpet
the bride's arrival

Tristan Coleridge
(0,2,5) = 9 pts

children laughing
near the school entrance
morning glories

(0,0,9) = 9 pts

Tenth Place -- 8 points
morning glories —
what can I say of them
that Issa hasn't

Mary Lee McClure
(1,0,5) = 8 pts

morning glories taken
by an early frost

Karen Briggs
(1,0,5) = 8 pts

shaking moth balls
from our frayed blue quilt —
morning glories

Beverley George
(0,2,4) = 8 pts

outside pre-school —
morning glories
all lined up

Paul Hodder
(0,2,4) = 8 pts

I enjoyed the comparison of the children to the flowers.

morning glories
last night’s jazz
blares in my mind

(0,2,4) = 8 pts

I like the way the flare and the blare of these two are juxtaposed.

Eleventh Place -- 7 points
immigration raid
kudzu and morning glories
strangle their garden

Carmel Lively Westerman
(1,1,2) = 7 pts

morning glories
the bone trees twined
with stars

Laura Orabone
(1,1,2) = 7 pts

another day
with no dog barking —
morning glories

Israel Lopez Balan
(0,2,3) = 7 pts

just five seeds
and the morning glories
rule the garden

Glen Keener
(0,2,3) = 7 pts

coastal fog —
the morning glories

Dejah Leger
(0,0,7) = 7 pts

A nice observation.

Twelfth Place -- 6 pts
morning glories
stone still and deadly
the mantis waits

(1,1,1) = 6 pts

This juxtaposition of one of nature’s most efficient killers (the praying mantis) against delicate flowers effectively summaries the dichotomy of nature, for that is what nature is - something beautiful and deadly, something to be admired and respected. We think of ourselves as being separate from nature, but in fact mankind too is a living expression of nature; mankind too is capable of creating great beauty and great destruction. We are, perhaps, the most glorious and most terrible manifestation of nature’s dichotomy.

Reymond B.

the shadow
of a late bee
sunlit morning glory

(1,0,3) = 6 pts

the old shed —
don't let it fall
morning glories

Ann K. Schwader
(1,0,3) = 6 pts

too late
for the morning glories —
autumn wedding

Carol Pearce-Worthington
(0,1,4) = 6 pts

Having been married a couple times I know what it's like trying to find in season flowers you like for the bridal bouquet.

Thirteenth Place -- 5 points
sunrise —
the morning glories and I
wake up together

(1,1,0) = 5 pts

in the park —
morning glories idling
on a mango tree

~ Bilha Wanjiko
(1,0,2) = 5 pts

I just love "idling".

a damselfly
in the morning glories
dying breeze

Susan Constable
(1,0,2) = 5 pts

blue morning glories
bask in the remaining heat —
with them my old cat

(0,2,1) = 5 pts

Sensual images; nice juxtaposition of the flowers and cat; effective use of "remaining heat" to suggest the change of season.

mourning doves
among the morning glories —
infinite blues

(0,1,3) = 5 pts

peep through the fence
morning glories

Tanya Dikova
(0,1,3) = 5 pts

I couldn't resist the potential cheekiness.

last date —
morning glories
in his eyes

Ivana Vanja Nikovic
(0,1,3) = 5 pts

in the morning glories

(0,1,3) = 5 pts

indian summer
morning glories twine
'round the pumpkin patch

(0,1,3) = 5 pts

Good seasonal images.

on the morning glory
scattered sun

Tom Maretic
(0,1,3) = 5 pts

steel town dawn . . .
a glow of morning glories
through the smog

Nancy Smith
(0,1,3) = 5 pts

morning glories —
no space for me to
jump over the fence

~ Catherine Maina
(0,0,5) = 5 pts

This echoes the essence of a classic.

Fourteenth Place -- 4 points
Grampa disapproved
of Gramma’s morning glories
they wasted water

Deirdre Godwin
(1,0,1) = 4 pts

She brushes the hair
from her eyes
trails of morning glories

Glenn Laundre
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

morning glory
on the old paling —
the smile of grandma

(0,1,2) = 4 pts

A lovely metaphor.

A break in the clouds;
suddenly in the spotlight:
morning glories

Rey Barreto
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

colonial town
on a simple white fence
morning glories

Bruce Ross
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

windy evening —
morning glories
curve inwards

~ Anne Wairimu
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

Seeing what's there, and letting it speak.

war telegram —
morning glories
in cold glass

Ron Moss
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

old garden
the hoe's handle
winded with morning glories

Dorota Pyra
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

first kiss
morning glories
by the door

Meredith Stern Cavalieri
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

A perfectly captured moment.

Fifteenth Place -- 3 pts
morning glories
traffic slows

Allen McGill
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

first sunbeam
through the knothole
bud of a morning glory

---Jacek M.
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

first frost
tangle of morning glory vines
still green

Jeanne Jorgensen
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

Grandma's house —
Morning glories twine
over faded paint

-- Leena Halych
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

Heavenly Blue —
of morning glories

--Autumn Moon
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

school bus coming
on a cloudless day
morning glories

Bill Kenney
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

chanting our prayers
in vacation bible school
morning glory

Pris Campbell
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

morning glories
my granny replays
a Satchmo record

Petar Tchouhov
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

morning glories —
the seed of yet
another haiku

-- Richard Kay
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

summer's end —
sapphire morning glories
curl around bronze mums

Hazel A. Witherspoon
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

General Comments:

There are getting to be so many poems each month that it is quite a task to sort them out. Lots of good morning glory poems, though.

First Place -- 21 pts
sudden downpour
bleeding on a concrete sky
the chalk rainbow

Laura Orabone
(3,1,10) = 21 pts

rainbow's end. . .
the trawler's gillnet
drawn tight

Carole MacRury
(2,3,9) = 21 pts

Second Place -- 19 pts
the arc
of his line at sunrise
rainbow trout

Susan Constable
(2,3,7) = 19 pts

The peacefulness of early morning fishing well-depicted.

Almost too poetic but firmly grounded in the real.

after a storm
the rainbow bending over
what's left

Bill Kenney
(1,4,8) = 19 pts

Third Place -- 16 pts
double rainbow
her second wish
a small one

--Irene Golas
(2,2,6) = 16 pts

Were it in my power, I'd grant her a big one. She sounds like the sort of person who ought to write haiku.

autumn stillness —
rainbow trout
bump my waders

John Healey
(0,5,6) = 16 pts

For me, the bump only deepens the stillness.

Fourth Place -- 15 pts
tisk tisk of sprinklers —
over suburban lawns
look-a-like rainbows

Neil Muscott
(3,2,2) = 15 pts

Nice use of sound in this one.

Reminds me of that old song about ticky-tacky. Light satirical touch.

greens and browns —
the painted rainbow
of the bullied child

Paul Hodder
(2,3,3) = 15 pts

Very astute and tender observation.

Fifth Place -- 14 pts
fast train...
trying to catch
the rainbow

Carol Pearce-Worthington
(0,2,10) = 14 pts

Sixth Place -- 13 pts
a dragonfly visits
the lily

Earl Keener
(1,2,6) = 13 pts

in a dew drop
on the white rose
a rainbow

Peter Macrow
(0,3,7) = 13 pts

A white rose is a lovely, romantic image all by itself. Add to it a rainbow in a dew drop and it becomes all the more enchanting. An exquisite demonstration of poetic alchemy.

Seventh Place -- 11 pts
salmon run
just where they must leap

Bruce Ross
(1,3,2) = 11 pts

The imagery of this dynamic haiku is so vivid; I could clearly see the salmon leaping across the rainbow created by sunlight hitting the spray of water. So much action packed in so few words – well done!

sudden rainbow —
the bus arrives
almost empty

Israel Lopez Balan
(1,1,6) = 11 pts

I wanted to give this one a point because of the two mysteries: the 'sudden' rainbow and the 'almost empty' bus and how they interact. Together they help build a sense of waiting and the boredom and entertainment that gets noticed therein. Something exciting in the rainbow unexpected, something disappointing in the bus, probably empty of the one waited for.

Eighth Place -- 10 pts
brief rainbow
a dragonfly

Ann K. Schwader
(0,3,4) = 10 pts

A nice haiku moment of transition.

sunny morning —
a new spider web shines
with rainbow colors

Zhanna P. Rader
(0,3,4) = 10 pts

double rainbow
the unopened letter
on her desk

Sjs (Stevie)
(0,0,10) = 10 pts

Ninth Place -- 9 pts
on the wall
of her doll house
she paints a rainbow

(1,2,2) = 9 pts

A tender moment of a child's rendering of the reality.

an old printer
all colours of the rainbow
on his hands

--Jacek M
(0,2,5) = 9 pts

Tenth Place -- 8 pts
a rainbow arcs
the summer sky —
blunted crayons

Collin Barber
(1,1,3) = 8 pts

I love this image!! The description is exactly like it always feels for me, now painted in words.

tracing a rainbow
across the sand
a peacock

Pris Campbell
(0,2,4) = 8 pts

water sprinkler
counting the splashes
to the next rainbow

Juliusz Wnorowski
(0,2,4) = 8 pts

urban day camp
a rainbow of children
spill down the hill

Elizabeth Fanto
(0,1,6) = 8 pts

Eleventh Place -- 7 pts
sleet on the window —
my niece's rainbow
on the fridge

Keith Heiberg
(1,0,4) = 7 pts

her rainbow

Beverley George
(0,1,5) = 7 pts

rainbow —
somehow the magic
still there

Mary Lee McClure
(0,0,7) = 7 pts

Twelfth Place -- 6 pts
rainbow . . .
Dad's fish
a 'catch and release'

Alice Frampton
(1,0,3) = 6 pts

such a long journey
from the primordial ooze
to the rainbow’s end

Deirdre Godwin
(1,1,1) = 6 pts

long rainy day ~
he depicts a rainbow
I don't see

Ana Cadarin
(1,1,1) = 6 pts

this rainbow
like me . . .
just dust in the wind

-- Richard Kay
(1,0,3) = 6 pts

for a moment —
painting the sky

(1,0,3) = 6 pts

It is the line “for a moment” that makes this poem resonate, for it is the transient nature of rainbows that makes their beauty poignant and magical. If they lasted years they would not be so special. But no, rainbows in the sky appear infrequently and disappear too quickly. The lives of great men and woman are the same. Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti, and Martin Luther King, Jr., they came and went, painting our world with their glorious colorful lives and dis appeared too quickly from our sight. But, just as rainbows are unforgettable, so are they. “For a moment” we see rainbows but for a lifetime we remember them. Of course some rainbows, like Martin Luther King, Jr., never truly disappear because of how profoundly they touched our lives.

falling leaves
each tree sheds
a rainbow

Karen Briggs
(0,2,2) = 6 pts

Indian summer —
faded into the rocks,
the rainbow trout

Dejah Leger
(0,1,4) = 6 pts

just under
the rainbow

Beth Powell
(0,1,4) = 6 pts

afternoon showers —
a plane droning
across the rainbow

~ Vivian Adhiambo
(0,1,4) = 6 pts

special child . . .
a rainbow breaks open
her smile

Ron Moss
(0,1,4) = 6 pts

Misty September
a rainbow connects
the two islands

Angelika Coloma Bygott
(0,0,6) = 6 pts

Thirteenth Place -- 5 pts
rainbow arching
above the mud
where soldiers lie

Leslie Montgomery
(0,2,1) = 5 pts

fading rainbow
pouring all of its colors
into hot air balloon

Kurt R. W.
(0,2,1) = 5 pts

fading rainbow
nobody touches
her wet hair

Petar Tchouhov
(0,2,1) = 5 pts

last farewell
the highway's end turns up
into a rainbow

Lech Szeglowski
(0,2,1) = 5 pts

night rainbow
far away on a hill
the temple lamps

Kala Ramesh
(0,1,3) = 5pts

a student paints a rainbow
on her dress

Carmel Lively Westerman
(0,0,5) = 5 pts

rusty Ford
in a puddle

(0,0,5) = 5 pts

crystal necklace
a rainbow on her chin

(0,0,5) = 5 pts

in the splash
from the car wheel,
a little rainbow

Tom Maretic
(0,0,5) = 5 pts

Fourteenth Place -- 4 pts
rainbow haiku —
I earnestly gaze
at the sky

~ Catherine Maina
(1,0,1) = 4 pts

deep into summer
storm clouds pause for the rainbow
a dance with no lead

Harvey Jenkins
(1,0,1) = 4 pts

prism's rainbow —
classroom eyes
on the bright playground

- Munzar
(1,0,1) = 4 pts

see the rainbow
all the colors of the crayons —
daughter tells us

(1,0,1) = 4 pts

Yes, kids do say the darnedest things, don’t they? That was a dandy.

oil slick
children stare at
the rainbow

Allen McGill
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

double rainbow ...
I need a new pair
of lenses

Ella W.
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

wet shoes —
street musician is looking
at the rainbow

Ivana Vanja Nikovic
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

violent prairie storm
he tells his little sister
it leaves rainbows too

(0,1,2) = 4 pts

I find kiddie ku ludicrously easy to resist, but this one tells its story elegantly and economically.

harbor seal —
motor oil rainbows spin
in the boat's wake

aom (tim)
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

Rainbow Bridge...
even this river
not filling the sea

George Hawkins
(0,0,4) = 4 pts

thruway north —
a mile of apple trees
before the rainbow

(0,0,4) = 4 pts

Fifteenth Place -- 3 pts
gay pride —
a parade of rainbow flags
dancing past

~ Isabelle Prondzynski
(1,0,0) = 3 pts

Of the two parade poems in the list, I like this one because of the exuberance it shows, a real celebration of identity comes out in the word 'dancing'.

summer cleaning
a rainbow above
the manure spreader

(0,1,1) = 3 pts

Her scarf —
a rainbow of flowers
moving in the sky

(0,1,1) = 3 pts

deep hammock
with a rainbow

Scott Mason
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

Beneath the rainbow
lost in morning fog drifts
ghost trees walking

LaVerna B. Johnson
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

love parade —
colors of the rainbow

-- Derwisz
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

'Love parade' is a little abstract, but I like the sense of feeling that saturates the poem with the word 'everywhere', it seems to instantly cause the mind to look around and confirm that all around happiness that might occur at such a parade.

acrobatic feats —
the kitten wildly pouncing
sun-catcher rainbows

(0,1,1) = 3 pts

now running free
beyond the Rainbow Bridge
the dog I put to sleep yesterday

angelee deodhar
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

in the fountain
on the hand organ's music
rainbows dance

max verhart
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

and rainbow
in the mist

(0,0,3) = 3 pts

a rainbow
splashes the seawall
yawning seals

(0,0,3) = 3 pts

General Comments:

Once again it's quite difficult to cut out haiku that I like.

Somehow I didn't respond to most of the rainbow poems--even mine deserved only 4 or 5 points :)

Thank you for participating in the September kukai! We will be posting October's Annual Poets' Choice Call for Votes on Monday, October 8th.

We look forward to receiving your votes then.

With much appreciation,

Robert and Jennie, co-secretaries
Gary Warner, web host

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