March 2006 Kukai

The results of the voting have been tabulated and are listed below. Congratulations to Max Verhart, the winner of our Kigo section, and to Israel López Balan, the winner of our Free Format section!

In the listing below, after each poem the author is listed, and then a three digit code revealing how many 3-point, 2-point, and 1-point points were cast for this poem by the other participating poets.

(214 = 12) would indicate that the poem above received two 3-point votes, one 2-point vote, and four 1-point votes.

March 2006 Results
Kigo Theme: Haze
Free Format Theme: Morning

First Place --28 pts
out of the haze
the dog brings back
the wrong stick

max verhart
(1,6,14)=28 pts

Second Place -- 18 pts
Lent . . .
the judas tree
a haze of red

Nancy Smith
(3,2,5)=18 pts

Third Place -- 16 pts
morning haze-
a woodpecker drums
for the rising sun

Audrey Downey
(1,3,7)=16 pts

Fourth Place -- 14 pts
the low growl
of my neighbor's dog
-morning haze

doris kasson
(0,4,6)=14 pts

apple orchard
in this haze of honeybees
I can taste the pies

(0,4,6)=14 pts

a seagull's cry
piercing the haze

Bill Kenney
(0,2,10)=14 pts

Fifth Place -- 12 pts
forest path
a woodpecker's tapping
out of the haze

(1,3,3)=12 pts

blind man taps his way
down the lane

john tiong chunghoo
(0,3,6)=12 pts

Sixth Place -- 11 pts
a pair of lovers
in the haze

(0,5,2)=11 pts

high thick haze-
and higher yet
the sound of geese

Mary Lee McClure
(0,1,9)=11 pts

mountain haze-
the snow crocus
buried again

Ann K. Schwader
(0,1,9)=11 pts

Seventh Place -- 9 pts
tank haze
the guppies are breeding

-- ushi
(1,1,4)=9 pts

above the haze
200 crows

(0,4,1)=9 pts

the scratch
of an oldie song-
evening haze

Israel López Balan
(0,3,3)=9 pts

haze in the valley
a falcon at the crag top
clenches its talon

Allan Burns
(0,3,3)=9 pts

his fading eyesight
holds her beauty-
autumn haze

Beverley George
(0,2,5)=9 pts

spring haze
our baby girl asks
about birth control

Paul R
(0,2,5)=9 pts

morning haze
a duckling passes
through a duck's shadow

(0,1,7)=9 pts

Eighth Place -- 8 pts
haze at dawn...
a robin

--Irene Golas
(1,1,3)=8 pts

skyscrapers half-hidden
in haze

William A. Lane
(0,1,6)=8 pts

Ninth Place -- 7 pts
march haze
burst open
by a jonquil

(1,1,2)=7 pts

moonlit haze
a siren slices
through it

Kathy Lippard Cobb
(1,0,4)=7 pts

as the haze lifts
from a sea of cattails
a warbler's song

Angelee Deodhar
(0,1,5)=7 pts

river haze- curling
around the cows legs
in the moonlight

Rose Marie Stutts
(0,2,3)=7 pts

evening haze . . .
looking for
my glasses again

Francine Banwarth
(0,1,5)=7 pts

Tenth Place -- 6 pts
Beneath the soft haze
which was her gossamer shroud
Spring slowly wakens

(2,0,0)=6 pts

when through winter haze
sunlight marches us to spring
spirit also blooms

po sey toon
(1,1,1)=6 pts

summer haze-
sailboats glide
on the glass horizon

Tristan Coleridge
(1,1,1)=6 pts

quiet jungle haze-
the snick of a drawn bolt
stops all movement

Glen L. Keener
(1,0,3)=6 pts

below the morning haze
wild flowers

Betty Kaplan
(0,2,2)=6 pts

Eleventh Place -- 5 pts
cherry blossom haze
white as snow fills the orchard
has winter returned

(1,1,0)=5 pts

eucalypt haze-
the dissolving blue

Lorin Ford
(1,1,0)=5 pts

from the woods
through the haze
a bird song

Grzegorz Sionkowski
(0,2,1)=5 pts

you in haze beyond
the cataract

Kathy Earsman
(0,0,5)=5 pts

Twelfth Place -- 4 pts
through the green lace haze
by the riverbank-
a neon sun

Janet Brof
((0,1,2)=4 pts

the birds lined up
above the bird feeder
winter haze

Bruce Ross
(0,2,2)=4 pts

homeward bound. . .
the channel buoy mute
as morning haze

Darrell Byrd
(0,1,2)=4 pts

i wipe the dust
from grandma's picture
sunshine haze

Linda Chambers
(0,1,2)=4 pts

Thirteenth Place -- 3 pts
hit into the haze
the outfielder
still doesn't see it

Dustin Neal
(1,0,0)=3 pts

Easter morning.
A haze vanishing
ever so softly

Horst Ludwig
(0,1,1)=3 pts

crop irrigation
acres of vegetables
in a distant haze

Carmel Lively Westerman
(0,1,1,)=3 pts

You call out
into late March haze.
Crows reply.

(0,1,1)=3 pts

desert haze-
a picked wildflower
slips from her finger

ron moss
(0,1,1)=3 pts

Blankets of haze
Cover bare earth
With modesty

(0,1,1)=3 pts

out all night
plowing the streets
road-salt haze

-- oino sakai
(0,0,3)=3 pts

the sound of crows
through morning haze
a baby cries

John Daleiden
(0,0,3)=3 pts

where the child points,
a butterfly escaping
the haze

Darrell Lindsey
(0,0,3)=3 pts

soft cloud haze
I lift my eyes
to the mountain tops

(0,0,3)=3 pts

Field of irises
blue and white-
morning haze

Angelika Kolompar
(0,0,3)=3 pts

Appalachians -
a vulture glides in circles
through the blue haze.

Zhanna P. Rader
(0,0,3)=3 pts

First Place -- 45 pts
morning sun-
the long shadows
of little stones

Israel López Balan
4,8,17)=45 pts

Second Place -- 19 pts
morning walk-
with each step her shadow
overlaps mine

Marie Summers
(0,6,7)=19 pts

Third Place -- 17 pts
cold morning
two stray cats
in the doghouse

Petar Tchouhov
(1,2,10)=17 pts

Fourth Place -- 13 pts
spring morning
the thrust of roots
through a sidewalk

Bill Kenney
(0,4,5)=13 pts

march morning
the jogger brings home
the scent of daphne

Keiko Izawa
(0,3,7)=13 pts

Fifth Place -- 12 pts
the echo
of hammer and nails-
early morning

James M. Thompson
(1,2,5)=12 pts

spring morning-
cardinal's song
beats the garbage truck

Audrey Downey
(0,1,10)=12 pts

Sixth Place -- 11 pts
anniversary . . .
how the morning glory hugs
last year's stalk

Nancy Smith
(1,3,2) = 11 pts

Seventh Place -- 10 pts
the candle
still burning

Allan Burns
(0,3,4)=10 pts

Eighth Place -- 9 pts
morning sun:
the blue hammock
smiles back

Ann K. Schwader
(1,2,2)=9 pts

wisps of cloud . . .
the morning sun touches
our wing tip

Darrell Byrd
(0,3,3)=9 pts

Ninth Place -- 8 pts
morning jog-
not quite making it
to the loo

doris kasson
(0,2,4)=8 pts

morning downpour
silent rooster
singing frog

Margarita Engle
(0,2,4)=8 pts

morning chores-
the cows' frozen breath draped
on barn cobwebs

Glen L. Keener
(0,2,4)=8 pts

buying flowers
at the temple gate
-morning haze

Amitava Dasgupta
(0,2,4)=8 pts

white morning-
the church choir's
first breath

ron moss
(0,1,6)=8 pts

the hole
in my doughnut-
monday morning

Lorin Ford
(0,1,6)=8 pts

Tenth Place -- 7 pts
sunday morning
the widow's perfume
reminiscent of spring

Tom Painting
(1,1,2)=7 pts

early morning-
the cat's whiskers
tickle me awake

Mary Lee McClure
(1,0,4)=7 pts

yellow roses glow
in the buttery spring light
chickadees stuff cheeks

(1,1,2)=7 pts

stormy night's morning
dad and spider
inspect damage

Mary Wuest
(0,2,3)=7 pts

barely morning...
the slither of children
into grandma's bed

Beverley George
(0,1,5)=7 pts

Eleventh Place -- 6 pts
morning sun
squirting in my eye
an orange

carol bleichert
(0,3,0)=6 pts

morning shadows
drop from treetops-
the quiet road

(0,2,2)=6 pts

a sick baby-
morning shadows

Laryalee Fraser
(0,2,2)=6 pts

morning heat-
a kestrel dangles
at the canyon's edge

(0,1,4)=6 pts

wetland morning
the reeds' shadows
in and out of the path

(0,1,4)=6 pts

Twelfth Place -- 5 pts
windy morning
a pond skater tripping
on wrinkles

(0,2,1)=5 pts

distant mountains-
still in the mist
of morning

Grzegorz Sionkowski
(0,2,1)=5 pts

cold morning
at Mom's burial
our prayers blow away

-- oino sakai
(0,1,3)=5 pts

good morning
the policeman says
speeding ticket

Dave Bacharach
(0,0,5)=5 pts

Thirteenth Place -- 4 pts
morning breeze
many tiny suns jingle
on the lotus.

Narayanan Raghunathan
(0,2,0)=4 pts

morning light . . .
a finger up to find
the wind's direction

Francine Banwarth
(0,2,0)=4 pts

farting baby

morning prayers

Laura Orabone
(1,0,1)=4 pts

morning after
the drunk wakes up
with a mannequin

Vic Gendrano
(0,1,2)=4 pts

crows gather
to eat roadkill deer
morning rain

John Daleiden
(0,1,2)=4 pts

drizzly morning
umbrellas carefully
passing each other by

Boris Nazansky
(0,1,2)=4 pts

morning rain-
taking my creaking knee bones
into the kitchen

Paul Williams
(0,1,2)=4 pts

misty morning-
doe-eyed shadows
sip from a stream

Tristan Coleridge
(0,0,4)=4 pts

Fourteenth -- 3 pts
The morning begins
With a flower sprouting up
From the last night's rains

Joe Busch
(1,0,0)=3 pts

morning sun
beaming on the palm
of foxglove

(0,1,1)=3 pts

morning rain-
another hour of sleep

Mike Doherty (0,1,1)=3 pts

fragile morning
the sprouts have pushed
the earth aside

Earl Keener
(0,1,1)=3 pts

in the morning haze
the blackbird's song
sounds stronger

(0,1,1)=3 pts

Monday morning
merging between semi's
into the slow lane

Mark Hollingsworth
(0,1,1)=3 pts

March snow flurries
the first morning walk into
a robin's song

(0,1,1)=3 pts

morning showers-
turning the pages
of a best seller

Mary Chapman
(0,1,1)=3 pts

cloudy morning
a little tea
with her cream

Paul R
(0,1,1)=3 pts

Another morning.
Some dandelions as high
as the machine gun.

Horst Ludwig
(0,0,3)=3 pts

December morning,
wild peacocks roost
among the oak trees

(0,0,3)=3 pts

morning sadness
i pin on
my guardian angel

roberta beary
(0,0,3)=3 pts

quiet morning-
jacaranda flowers fall
by themselves

(0,0,3)=3 pts

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Robert, Jennie and Gary

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