In the listing below, after each poem the author is listed, and then a three digit code revealing how many 3-point, 2-point, and 1-point points were cast for this poem by the other participating poets.

(214 = 12) would indicate that the poem above received two 3-point votes, one 2-point vote, and four 1-point votes.

January 2004 Kukai Results
Kigo Theme: Winter
Free Format Theme: Office

1st Place

winter branch
the sparrow's roundness
in the wind

Martin Cohen
387 = 32 pts

2nd Place

sipping tea

243 = 17 pts

3rd Place

this poem
was shared on a mailing list-
-- withdrawn


4th Place

winter storm -
the cat bats a grape around
the living room

Earl Keener
142 = 13 pts

this poem
was shared on a mailing list
-- withdrawn


winter beach . . .
a wave takes back
his name

Kathy Lippard Cobb
126 = 13 pts

5th Place - Tie

winter chill -
my pale shadow
follows my dog

Grzegorz Sionkowski
124 = 11 pts

without a sound
the moon rising

Michael Baribeau
035 = 11 pts

6th Place

winter night
a soft whisper from
my summer love

Carol Raisfeld
123 = 10 pts

7th Place

winter stars
snow flakes swirl past
the masthead light

Darrell Byrd
033 = 9 pts

8th Place

cold winter night ~
between husbands
i push up the thermostat

-roberta beary
023 = 7 pts

winter jacket -
a handful of change
in the pocket

- ushi
015 = 7 pts

9th Place

winter vacation
the shadow of a note
under the professor's door

c. lee robinson
030 = 6 pts

10th Place

winter stars . . .
the burn of below zero
on bare hands

Marjorie Buettner
021 = 5 pts

winter wind
school children breath
into their mittens

Carmel C. Lively
110 = 5 pts

winter mist-
sky and earth
meld into gray

Mary Lee McClure
013 = 5 pts

winter's kiss--
a chilly snowflake
wets chapped lips

013 = 5 pts

sparrows huddle
deep inside the evergreen -
winter residence

Angie Kunath
021 = 5 pts

winter wind...
the builders unpack
new doors

Hugh Waterhouse
013 = 5 pts

11th Place

new child warms up
our house

john tiong chunghoo
020 = 4 pts

winter wind -
horses covered with blankets
in front of an inn

Dubravko Marijanovic
012 = 4 pts

winter frost
dawn light reveals
a hundred webs

004 = 4 pts

Winter bus queue
warming her hands in my coat ...
central heating

012 = 4 pts

winter dawn --
past the green light
only fog

Nancy Smith
020 = 4 pts

one bad pass
and the season is over--
long winter ahead

-- oino sakai
020 = 4 pts

bitter winter
grandmother's windowpanes
icing over.

Zaida Lysle
101 = 4 pts

12th Place

1st Place:
home office
each child's height marked
on the door frame

Carol Raisfeld
196 = 27 pts

2nd Place

morning quiet -
the smell of coffee
in the office

1,3,10 = 19 pts

3rd Place

casual Friday :
the office temp's
purple Mohawk

- ushi
241 = 15 pts

office lunch-break -
a dozen different

Richard Goring
055 = 15 pts

4th Place

basement office--
a drawing of a window
full of sun

Marjorie Buettner
232 = 14 pts

office tension --
a fly at the window
keeps buzzing

Zhanna P. Rader
135 = 14 pts

5th Place

office window . . .
the street lights turn on
another night

Darrell Byrd
213 = 11 pts

6th Place

walk to the office -
the streetlights go out
one by one

Horst Ludwig
025 = 9 pts

7th Place

muggy afternoon -
only the fly awake
in his office

Carole MacRury
113 = 8 pts

8th Place

at first light
quiet moments in office
before the day's din

112 = 7 pts

new doctor's office
this month's magazines
in the waiting room

Owen Burkhart
015 = 7 pts

psychiatrist's office
not even
one small window

Ed Markowski
015 = 7 pts

9th Place

shade covers
his office window

w.f. owen
111 = 6 pts

office to office
the line runs between the toes
of resting blackbirds

Mark Hollingsworth
022 = 6 pts

new office--
in someone else's trash
the dead plant

022 = 6 pts

office bonsai
on the windowsill

Allen McGill
022 = 6 pts

still at the office:
kukai entry scribbled
in my Planner

-- oino sakai
014 = 6 pts

10th Place

home office
afternoon sunlight
kisses the desktop

Audrey Downey
102 = 5 pts

blast furnace heat
sparks catch me daydreaming
of an office job

Joshua Gage
102 = 5 pts

night in office --
answering machine says
you should be home

Olga Hooper
102 = 5 pts

office temple
desktop zen garden
with plastic rakes.

Zaida Lysle
110 = 5 pts

11th Place

home office
alphabetizing haiku
of last year

020 = 4 pts

office clock
fifty caring souls
check the batteries

Kylie Hooklyn
020 = 4 pts

the smell of marijuana
drifts through the window --
lawyer's office

Earl Keener
012 = 4 pts

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