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SHIKI IS BACK! We have received the exciting news that the Shiki Haiku Salon is being relaunched as Shiki Haikusphere. In addition to an entirely new website, there is also a new mailing list, called "Nobo". Noboru, Shiki's birthname, serves as the inspiration for this name because, as the Shiki Team says, they are trying to get back to the basics of haiku. To subscribe, send an email tO: nobo-ctl@haiku.cc.ehime-u.ac.jp containing only the word subscribe and your name, in the format:

    subscribe lastname firstname

haikuworld is pleased to participate in the tradition of the Shiki Internet Haiku Salon's Kukai. Jennie Townsend and Gary Warner worked closely with former secretaries Pardee & Billie, and the Shiki team to affect a smooth transition. On August 9th, 2002, Hiromi Inoue sent word that they would not be continuing the Kukai, and gave his blessing to our hosting of the kukai at haikuworld. I would encourage each visitor to take time to read the five year archives of the kukai stored on the Shiki's Kukai Page.

Kukai Secretaries Past & Present

3/96 - 7/96Clark Strand
10/96 - 7/97Rick MacDonald
8/97 - 1/99Yu Chang
2/99 - 12/2kPardee Gunter
1/01 - 8/02Pardee Gunter & Billie Wilson
9/02 - 12/04 Jennie Townsend & Gary Warner
1/05 - 4/05Gary Warner & Robert Bauer
5/05 - 4/09Jennie Townsend & Robert Bauer
4/09 - To the PresentGeorge Hawkins, Jennie Townsend & Robert Bauer

Historical Kukai Results from Shiki

Historical kukai results (October 1996- April 2002)

What is a Kukai

A kukai is a peered review poetry contest. A topic is assigned by the secretary, and all poets submit their poems on that topic to the secretary. An 'anonymized' list is then distributed to all participating poets and they are invited to vote. Votes are returned anonymously to the secretary who tallies the votes and resends the poems to the participants, this time with names and points revealed.