begin haiku is a place to take apart what we know about haiku, examine it closely, and put it back together again.

My name is Gary Warner. I began to study haiku in 1989. Some of my poems are published in books and magazines, but I am a beginner. To me, the beginner is someone who says each day "I wish to learn" and goes about the world with eyes open and mind hungry.

I hope you will come begin haiku with me.


May 2003 --
This month's featured article is by Charles Trumbull. I first met Charles at Haiku North America 1999 in Chicago, where he was one of the organizers, but I had known him electronically for years both as a contributor and team member at Dogwood Blossoms, and from years together at the Shiki Haiku Salon. In 1997, Charles called himself "A lurking hermit" on the Shiki mailing list, but I was always excited to see his postings there. He would let a debate play out and then he would share a well-written point with us, sometimes beginning it with "Here is what my dear Encyclopaedia Brittannica says about it". In addition to his scholarly contributions, he is a judge of haiku contests, and a frequent contributor of haiku to many magazines and journals, and I especially enjoy seeing his poems on my cell phone from TinyWords.com. I have later had opportunity to benefit from him in other areas, such as the Haiku Publications Survey, published in May of 2001, and his secret database of more than 100,000 haiku published in english! (Oops! Not a secret now!) When I approached him about this column, I was elated to hear him suggest the topic of "season words". Charles was one of several contributors to an Acorn Special Supplement on the subject, In Due Season, which earned a special HSA Merit Book Award for Theory when it was published in 2000.

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  • Ask HaikuJane -- is a new column that begins this month with our correspondent Jane Reichold fielding the questions. If you have a question that you would like to pose to HaikuJane, please send an email to questions@haikuworld.org with the subject "HaikuJane".

April 2003 --
Our first guest contributor was Michael Dylan Welch.

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