Snapshots is a delight in color covers and useful size.

I love the journal and the calendar, and John Barlow is a treasure, as a person and as an editor.

A fine, simple, well-produced journal. Small, with a good selection of haiku and tanka.

John Barlow is lucid as well, though publishing contest runners-up in the last issue only showed why they didn't win. Photo by Matt Morden on each cover is great -- and now that Matt is co-editor it can only get better.

In comparison with Presence, Snapshots usually has better poems, not to mention much better production values.

I am pleased with the only issue of Snapshots that I saw. It is a beautifully crafted journal. I do find it a tad pricey, but I suspect I get what I pay for.

Only needs to find a good format for a larger following (perfect for the kind of books it produces, though)

Very attractive book.

High quality publications -- although a bit pricey.

Last saw in 1998; attractive qualities.

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