My favorite of all magazines, even though it may be a bit uneven.

RawNerVZ is a cutting-edge journal which prints what no other modern American haiku journal dares to print. Only with such literary risk-taking can millennial English-language haiku poets make their mark on the genre.

In many ways my favorite because it Takes Chances, doesn't stick to the known, I always am eager to see what is in the magazine, (even if its something I don't like). Bravo!

Raw NerVZ is willing to extend the bounds of the ordinary.

Feisty, pushes the boundaries.

An important sounding board for cutting edge haiku and related, but as is perhaps to be expected, too self-indulgent to be of the first water.

Raw NerVZ is uneven but wonderfully refreshing with its courage to include political poetry and fresh creative juice.

A bit raunchy and weird yet daring and cutting edge.

Raw NerVZ I feel is quite unique, and I used to submit there a lot.

I'm too traditional to comment.

RaW NerVZ ranks a little lower because it pushes the form a little harder and occasionally veers into the odd and tasteless realm. I'm glad it's there and that there are people trying to get the most they can out of the forms and I always enjoy reading it.

Much of what RawNerVZ publishes is not nearly as "raw" or alternative as I imagine its readers believe -- a lot of its contents are pretty usual for haiku, rather than "bracing," etc. Some of what RawNerVZ publishes is not accepted as other journals -- but for good reason (it's poor poetry). Basically, RawNerVZ fills a useful niche, but my guess is that much of what appears there is rejects from other journals.

Wholeheartedly support what she aims at. I think Dorothy likes everyday language a lot more than I do and publishes far too many poems per page and too much non-haiku (articles, renku, haibun) for my liking. Graphics I do appreciate though.

I admire Dorothy Howard at RawNerVZ, but some of her selections are questionable.

Remarkably unattractive. Quality ranges all over the lot. But a refreshing change from the more formulaic poetry found elsewhere. Willing to take chances, experiment.

Not the place I'd go to read good haiku.

I give it a C because of profanity/obscenity and too much obscure art.

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