Established for quite a long time as a quality journal of short verse. Well produced, simple, selectivity generally high. Amalgamates haiku, tanka, and western-style short verse, so Phyllis has created a fine niche with this magazine.

True to itself in featuring the short poem, this journal is perhaps the best place to notice how haiku is not just another short form, but it also suffers (in haiku terms) from its breadth.

A mixed bag of poetry and haiku, re quality.

Though small format, the printing, paper and general presentation is excellent.

I gave Hummingbird and Tundra an X -- they are both excellent journals but focus on the short poem and not specifically on haiku or haikai in general, so I felt it best not to evaluate them at all.

High quality but not primarily a haiku magazine.

Presentation in Hummingbird and Mayfly is a treat. Hummingbird and Tundra do their part in taking haiku into the main stream.

I'm usually extremely pleased to have my haiku appear in Hummingbird, but then the quality of the haiku that appears there is sometimes uneven, so I rated it as only a B-level journal.

My problem with both Hummingbird and Mayfly is their tiny size. While they contain quality small poems I find the journal too small to stow and find later. So, I finally abandoned both subscriptions.

I think they rejected mine because they weren't about humans.

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