A labor of love, and still going after all these years, which is amazing -- still entry level.

Good work -- an excellent vehicle for the beginner.

The monthly format probably allows some poems to be printed that might not otherwise, but this is not entirely negative. This is the first journal that published me, and the editor is kind enough to encourage the emerging poet!

Long running and timely but the work selected has much to be desired.

While some of the haiku published is not the best -- including some of my early submissions before I began to learn how little I knew about haiku -- it is a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to haiku to get their first publication credits and to be exposed to a nice mix of new and seasoned writers. The monthly kukai is also an opportunity (in most cases I think) to see how the best (hopefully) rise to the top, thus this becomes a teaching aid for newcomers, as do the haiku from seasoned poets.

Haiku Headlines should be lauded for longevity and regularity, even though the quality of the poems is usually fairly poor.

Several excellent poems in each issue, but too many poor ones, too.

Content high, production quality not as high.

This has always been a marginal subscription for me, but somehow I keep renewing. Haiku Headlines is not Internet-savvy, so the mechanics of submitting haiku, each one keyed to a month of the year, and then filling out an returning the little slip with the votes on it is more than I can usually manage.

Presentation is arbitrary and poor in general. Printing the first page on multi-colored designs often renders the poems unreadable. The journal provides an entry point for beginners, but provides no help in the learning process.

I find Haiku Headlines a hard issue to enjoy, sorry!

Last time I had the misfortune of glancing at this thing the editor was advocating haiku that rhyme. Absolute dreck!

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