Haiku Canada Newsletter is an interesting place to read a variety of material from a sometimes different set of voices than you typically find in Modern Haiku and Frogpond. It mixes the energy of Raw NerVZ with greater editorial judgment and guidance.

Haiku Canada Newsletter is reasonably good. It is different in that it publishes haiku à la Frogpond and information à la HSA Newsletter. That's nice as it gives more of a "grass roots" feel to the publication.

Refreshing variety which includes a diversity of non-traditional styles/formats as well as more traditional poetry. Lots of neat little enclosures.

Another enjoyable mag that takes risk.

Needs more design input, but my kind of haiku.

A mish-mash of stuff.

A fun read, but slight in poems.

It's good for what it does.

Not too fond of the selections of poems.

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