Cicada is willing to extend the bounds of the ordinary.

Attempts to broaden the scope of English haiku publications and is not afraid of experimentation.

Frederick Raborg's Cicada is the one "haiku" journal that is essentially published by an "outsider" to the haiku community, and the poor quality and great unevenness of the poems demonstrates that -- the editor is simply not tuned in enough to the aesthetics of what makes a good haiku work.

If by Cicada you mean the one published in Bakersfield, CA, I have had only disappointment with it. A few years ago they accepted a haiku from me and said if I purchased the volume where I would be published, they would send it to me. I sent the check. They cashed it. I never saw a copy of their publication.

Good, but does veer towards titles. Also, I have always had problems receiving my subscriptions; hence discontinued.

Moribund, if not already dead.

Didn't know they were still in business.

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