A capacious, attractive, significant haiku journal.


Enjoy reading.

Blithe Spirit remains one of the best, although I wish they could jazz up the front cover, and bring out David Walker's artwork on a better card color etc

In the UK, Blithe Spirit is much the best place to go for essays, and is indispensable as a society forum, but its haiku quality can be mixed.

With a few notable exceptions I like Blithe Spirit for its informative essays and reviews. However, I don't often feel engaged by the haiku. Maybe I just live on the wrong side of the old Pond.

I'd really like to use Blithe Spirit as the bellwether of the British haiku movement -- sort of the counterpart of Modern Haiku over here -- but its frequent changes of editors just makes me confused. One senses that there is a lot of political turmoil within the BHS that is undercutting sound editorial policy and weakening the journal. That said, however, the standard of discourse is very high (in fact, the discussions are the most fun to be found anywhere), the scholarship is suitably pretentious, and there is even the occasional good haiku to be found. The policy of accepting only members' work tends to isolate the journal from what is going on around it. Please resist the trend toward more haibun!

They told me only BHS members could submit. I thought, why not leave the "H out?

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