Ant5 is probably known only to a few people, but is what I wish Raw NerVZ could be -- they both have the same energetic sort of "scruffy" appearance, but Ant5 pulls it off with way more style and design.

Never seen. My submission was returned in two weeks -- you could say they have fast turnaround!

I have rated this as an "A" journal, but it is so irregular and has so much non-haiku stuff, I don't think it should be in the survey.

I rank Ant5 lower because it has not come out with regularity.

I sent in a subscription check two years ago and sent two follow-up inquiries, but never heard back.

Thought these guys were out of business. When I sent for a sample copy more than a year ago, no journal arrived, my check was never cashed.

Is perhaps defunct -- would rate higher if more regular.

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