Outstanding in all respects; fine editorial work.

Pretty book, handy to carry around in your purse. Consistently good quality.

Top notch haiku in a straightforward format twice a year. Occasional collections of essays are of high quality with a range of contributors.

Conservative but high quality haiku.

High quality haiku, smallish focused format well laid out, simple, on-time.

Dependably good work.

My favorite "small" haiku journal.

I like the focused and high quality nature of Acorn. Its size and format are decided plusses.

Acorn is new and I loved their kigo special, an absolute classic publication special.

Both Acorn and Mayfly are strong journals that feature high-quality, "American traditional" haiku. I might give a slight edge to Acorn because a) I know Andrea, and b) there are more haiku to enjoy in each issue.

Acorn often has some very strong poems in a highly readable format, but could benefit from a bit of prose, or maybe a "best of issue" voting process.

Too small and visually uninspiring.

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