How to submit a Haiku Page

If you are a haiku author and would like to have your poems included here, we would be happy to host your works. Here are our "terms".

You are encouraged to submit poems which you have selected to be your "best work" for some period of time. Hopefully this will be monthly. This means that we are encouraging you to be a prolific author! Write daily. Poets write poems. Send your poems to various haiku mailing lists, or participate in haiku organizations if you need help with critique. May we recommend The World Haiku Club as a starting point?

If you feel that your work is well-accepted by your peers, and would like to have it seen by more than those who choose to read that particular mailing list on that particular day, consider putting together a haiku web page.

There will be an "editorial process", which basically means that the editor(s) reserve the right to reject any poem for any reason. Try to be selective yourself, and that will make our job easier. We hope to be able to post your list of poems without change.

Please *DO NOT* submit poems that are published or under consideration for publishing in a print source. While we take great joy in the print medium, it is not our intention to undermine their works in any way.

Each author is welcome to choose the color scheme of his choice. May we suggest the web site to help you in this task. Graphics will not be used.

At the top of your page, we will include a title, stating the time period during which these poems were composed, and the authors name. At the bottom of the page, we will include a link to "haikuworld", a link to "Dogwood Blossoms", and a "mailto" link to send the author an e-mail.

Here is a sample page:

March 1999 Gary Warner

Before any page is "linked" to the public, the author will be contacted for approval of the final presentation of the page. This is an interactive process. It may take some correspondence to come to agreement. That's ok.

Thank you,

Gary Warner