haiku log:

There are three objectives to the haiku log:

  1. Help poets (especially myself) be accountable to writing haiku every day
  2. Help readers find a good source of daily quality haiku
  3. Help preserve some of the great haiku that appear on mailing lists today and disappear tomorrow
Things you should know:
  • I have a day job and a family which both come before haiku in my Order of Life. I do my best to post every day, but there may be times when that just doesn't happen.
  • Some journals and magazines absolutely do not like to use haiku that has already been "seen". If you plan to submit your haiku to journals, please write some extra for us. We don't want any editors upset with us or you!
  • We don't publish everything we receive. Please don't be offended by that. If you believe haiku is any combination of 5/7/5 syllables you have a different philosophy of haiku, and we probably will not be interested in your poems. This is not a site for spam haiku or joke haiku. We have a section of this website that will help you learn more about haiku if you are interested: Begin Haiku. I would also encourage your participation in the World Haiku Club which has several fine mailing lists to learn more about haiku.
  • If you believe we have a similar philosophy of haiku, and you would like to post haiku to our group every day, I would be glad to share your poems. Please fill out the form below!

haiku log submission

I would like to share this haiku that I have written on the day indicated (preferably today) with the readers of the haiku log. I understand that I retain full ownership and copyright to this haiku, but once it is submitted by clicking submit below, I have granted Gary Warner and haikuworld.org the right to publish this haiku in the haiku log and to leave it archived there indefinitely.

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