XII.  Assignments for Future Issues
Thanks to all who submitted things for this issue!  I have given
up predicting what will be in the next issue, as that depends
on YOU!  Please consider submitting as a result of one of the
following assignments, but we ALWAYS NEED ORIGINAL HAIKU!!!


1. Try out the "Beginner's Corner".  Send your haiku about the
   scene described, or if you have a scene you are having
   trouble writing about, send that to Bill as well!

2. Write us an article on how YOU write haiku.  If you think
   you have a technique that would be useful as an exercise
   to others, write it up and send it in!

3. Original work.  All submissions are welcome, to be included in
   a future issue.  Haiku, or articles about haiku are always
   welcome.  WE ARE DESPERATE FOR ORIGINAL HAIKU!!!!!  Actually
   we are also desperate for articles, book reviews, and anything
   else you would like to share...

4. Published work.  Find a Haiku collection at your library, and
   share with us some particularly striking works you find.  If
   you would like, find several by a single author, or several
   on a single theme and send them together for a special section.

5. Book reviews and recommendations are desired.  If you submit,
   please include the ISBN of the book, and ordering information
   if known.  Catalog information from Haiku presses is also

6. Send us a short note, telling what you thought of issue 8, or
   responding to any of the Haiku that were included in this issue.
   Encourage our contributors!  (That's why we include their e-mail
   addresses!)  Let them know what you thought of their submissions
   (and to me, I'm dying for feedback to share with my editorial

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