X.  Review:  Bug Haiku by J.W. Hackett
Reviewed by:  Debbie Blohm  (bblohm@hpbs1686.boi.hp.com)

Book:       Bug Haiku
Author:     J.W. Hackett
            Illustrated by Earl Thollander
Publisher:  Japan Publications, Inc., Tokyo
Copyrighted: 1968 J. W. Hackett

"Bug Haiku" is a book written basically for children but is also
a wonderful introduction to haiku for the novice poet.  Written
by one of America's foremost haiku poets, it is filled with very
simple haiku.  Proof that writing this type of poetry is meant to
bring joy to young and old alike.  It is the perfect book to use
if you want to introduce haiku to someone, whether a child or an
adult.  The author has even included a list of suggestions for
writing haiku in English.  I enjoyed reading through this book
and then returning to favorite poems and rereading them.  I might
add that I even learned a few things from the list of

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