V.  Haiku from LOGOS
From: Ryosuke Suzuki (74570.2160@CompuServe.COM)

gentleyes caton the cushion

          ( an experimental haiku )          Ryosuke Suzuki

my sick aunt
gives me
a strained smile                             Yuri Takai

almost brushing
past a bicycling woman
crow on a hazy morning                       Yoshiko Ono

cold moon
breathing white
on the way home                              Kikuko Kondo

fine rain
spotlights from the sun
on cherry blossoms                           Mikiko Iida

castle moat
floating cherry blossom petals
and a swan                                   Ikuko Sano

a cherry petal
my cheek                                     Katsuhisa Kayanuma

cherry blossoms carried
by the spring night breeze:
lanterns reflected in the moat               Ayako Tanaka

behind the mountains
mountains deep red too                       Naoshi Honda

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