VI. Letter: A Response to LOGOS past -- delirium@ime.usp.br
     In issue 4, the
     our sight   (by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi)
called my attention because more than other celestial objects,
the moon has in fact the ability of hypnotize and attract not
only our sight but also our imagination and mind in
contemplation.  Having momentarily our mind in the moon we can
see the earth from there with a sense of harmony.
     Here is a lunar haiku that I wrote in the Desert of Atacama (Chile):
      Alem da montanha             Beyond the mountain
     iluminando a noite           illuminating the night
       brilho da lua.               shine of the moon.
                                - Rodrigo Siqueira (delirium@ime.usp.br)
     Could you tell more about what is the Logos Haiku Circle ?

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