V.  Haiku from LOGOS -- Ryosuke Suzuki (74570.2160@CompuServe.COM)
   blurred dream
   only thing able to remember
   swallowed-in-saliva                      Ryosuke Suzuki
   fragrance of plum blossoms
   spreads far and wide
   the first storm of spring                Yoshiko Ono
   calm waves of a spring sea
   one dark figure
   night fishing                            Kikuko Kondo
   after snow storm
   ski trails join on new snow
   father and son                           Ikuko Sano
   sudden blue sky
   a cloud shaped like an eagle
   staying -- toward evening                Mikiko Iida
   my sick aunt
   gives me
   a strained smile                         Yuri Takai
   two beads
   in the ultramarine
   cat's eyes                               Ayako Tanaka

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