III. Original Haiku by Our Subscribers
(Gar-note:  The numbers are author identifiers.  All authors
  are listed with email address at the end of this section.
  Please drop them a note and let them know what you thought
  of their work!)
                            11)           canada geese cut
                                      the new snow dawn still
                                          fresh as October
3) Snow.
   Too much of it
   for the hopeful bud.
                            4)      musty lights shining
                                snow piling on my dark coat
                                    peaceful smoke rising
5)  tick of melting snow
    counting down
                            5)  Rich ferment
                                  Snow and mud
                                Preparing spring
6)  A chilling morning
    dim and dark...
    what happened to spring?
                            7)    On through the dark wood,
                                Over the hills's brow: the sea!
                                   Boundless before us.
1)  wolf crying in dark
    mate lost to a cold steel trap
    life long love expires
                            10) after stopping
                                the whirring fan
                                rainfall     against leaves
2) Kittens make music.
   They rub each other's bodies
   and purr together.
                            4)    sun's blinding light burns
                               sharp lines across the soft rug
                                     gently warming cat
4) summer sun flute notes
   pine needles biting soft skin
   nature invites visit
                            5)    lone car
                                  on country road
                                  violence of engine
3) It dropped upon my hair,
   forest spider
   lighter than forest dew
                            14)   thickly padded mat:
                                rich, lush carpet on the ground,
                                    greenly abounding.
14) leaf-dappled forest:
    silver-shining moonshadows
    paint the forest floor.
                            15)    Pearblossoms falling
                                The nightingale complaining
                                     Sleep impossible
15) Evening birds cry
    The garden of blue darkness
    A hedgehog sniffling
                            14)     glimpses of the moon
                                through the leafshadowed spaces
                                   paint the ground below.
15) The pale birch leaning
    Shedding her leaves in the lake
    Water down a drain
                            15)    Iodine smell: The beach
                                   Algae signs written in sand
                                   A dog loping along
15) June evening, foggy green
    Even the clouds are confused
    pass right through the building
                            8) giggling child at play
                               the windblown leaves of autumn
                               they fly from your hands
5) over traffic jam
   wheel freely
   casual gull!
                            5) In house of meditation
                               Bathroom fan
9) watching wife's calm face
   surrounded by warm blankets -
   she smiles at a dream
                            10) fine girlish features
                                in a rounder face--
                                an old love
Here are two poems that are not necessarily haiku but nice responses
to their first look at Dogwood Blossoms!)
12) The flow of stale words
    across my screen
    bursts into color
    and the fresh scent
    of a flower.
13) At last - this highway
     has a garden too - Stop - Look -
        the dogwoods blossom!
 1) Bill Stinemetz c/o (bblohm@hpbs1686.boi.hp.com)
 3) Achariya Stone (achsto@gandalf.rutgers.edu)
 4) Paul D Meartz (meartz@badlands.NoDak.edu)
 5) Tom Frenkel (frenkel@cucis.cis.columbia.edu)
 6) Julie Denkers (JLDENKER@SAMFORD)
 7) Philip Adams (pka@dmu.ac.uk)
 8) Nicholas Gold (ngold@k12.ucs.umass.edu)
 9) Bill Blohm (bblohm@hpbs1686.boi.hp.com)
10) salparadis@aol.com
11) James Terral (jterral@unixg.ubc.ca)
12) Leigh Charles Goldstein   (goldstel@essex.hsc.colorado.edu)
13)  Jonas Barciauskas  (BARCIAUS@BCVMS)
14) Andy Coan (gt2507c@acme.gatech.edu)
15) Arne Herlav Petersen (herlahp@inet.uni-c.dk)

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