II.  A Note from the Editor
Welcome to Dogwood Blossoms Issue 7!  Thanks to a bit of
advertising last month, we now have 239 subscribers, in 17
countries.  Several of our new subscribers have strong haiku
backgrounds, while many others are beginners.  We hope to
have something of interest for everyone, including a Beginner's
Corner starting in Issue 8.  Watch for an announcement regarding
same sometime this month.  By the way, America Online readers
must be doing a great job passing the word, as we now have
TWENTY subscribers from America Online!
   Many of our new subscribers received in their "start-up
   package" a copy of "Dogwood Blossoms Issue 0", which was
   written to help introduce our readers to what haiku is.
   They also received "The ISN'Ts of Haiku" to tell them
   what haiku isn't.  If you missed these when you joined,
   you can get them by sending me (GLWARNER@SAMFORD.BITNET)
   a note asking for the "Haiku Newbie File".  Also, there
   were over 80 requests for back issues last month, and
   not everyone got theirs.  If you still haven't received
   yours, please request them again.  (And if you have access
   to an FTP site that wouldn't mind holding them, please
   have your site administrator drop me a line!)
 I saw the below Finnish poem in Jukka Mannonen's sig-file
 and confused it for a submission.  I worked a translation
 in English, shown below, and then learned that the Finnish
 quote was the beginning of a poem in English.  Can someone
 provide the "real" English text?  I think it funny that we
 have tried to "haiku-ize" a non-haiku poem!)
one needs winter's mind           Tarvitaan talven mieli
to view the mantle of snow        katsomaan kylm¿n ja lumen kuorta
on evergreen boughs               m¿ntypuun oksilla.
Lastly, I must apologize to ALL submitters this month.  A
change somewhere in our networking software caused me to lose
all Tabs.  Please send poetry with SPACES instead of TABS in
the future.  I know that the spacing of haiku is supposed to
be author's privilege, but this month, it wasn't.  Very sorry.

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