III.  Original Haiku by our Subscribers
From: Michael Dylan Welch (welchm@aol.com)
       harvest moon--
       the white spot
       on the black cat
    (previously published in "Haiku Moment", edited by Bruce Ross)
    (Rutland, Vermont and Tokyo Japan:  Charles Tuttle, 1993, p 291)
From:  Tadao Takaoka   (takaoka@cis.ibaraki.ac.jp)
Kouseki no keshi komen ni natsuno kumo
On the diminishing wake in the lake reappears a summer cloud.
From: Andreas Schoter (asch@cogsci.edinburgh.ac.uk)
(Gar-Note:  A response to Ryosuke Suzuki's "Taichi" haiku in issue 4)
                   A magpie's cry
                      from its roof-top ariel
                   stills my sabre.
                 In the city wood, oaks
                 Crowded by the dense perfume
                 Of unnamed blooms.
                 Sunlit tree
                 Green against a grey sky.
                 Brief scent of lemon!
From: Mike Rilee (rilee@lps.cornell.edu)
(Gar-Note:  A touching response to the birth announcement
            of my daughter.  Thanks, Mike!)
            on the fence, a cock crows
            as autumn's stars gently fade
            the little one sleeps
From: Genki (lambert@gssm.otsuka.tsukuba.ac.jp)
            urgency within
            frosty dawn barely witnessed
            the sound of water
            My smile is wider
            Greeting a familiar face
            Whose name I forgot
From: Terry Ascher (TA2321S@ACAD.DRAKE.EDU)
           Twilight and time slows.
           Gliding boat gets smugly hailed
           by bullfrog's croaking.
           Coasting, skimming ghosts.
           Dense lake mist drifts to reveal
           Canadian geese!
From: Bill Blohm (bblohm@hpbs1686.boi.hp.com)
           Water gently laps
           Quietly canoe carves mist
           Dim sunrise arrives
From: Denise Stinemetz (Bill Blohm's sister)
            Horses expedite
            Open up serenity
            Heritage reborn
From: Gary Gach (ggach@path.net)
          on my way to work
               looking up i see a cloud
                     shaped like an angel
From: "Tom Frenkel"  (FRENKEL@cpmail-am.cis.columbia.edu)
            Noisy plane again!
            But last week one took me to
            California sun.
            One in the morning
            The digital clock has just
            Simplified itself
From:        Andreas Schoter (asch@cogsci.ed.ac.uk)
(Gar-Note:  Not Haiku, but I LIKE it!)
        Bird chatter pulses
        through leafy branches above:
        A canopied sky
        bright with light - more green than blue;
        soundboard for the morning breeze.

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